Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Far Side of Fambily

First of all, this post almost didn't get written because, hello - Bejewled Blitz - best use of time ever. Thank you for all of your recommendations. I now have them ALL.

We are in Edmonton (Alberta, Canada) for my cousin's wedding. There's not much further north than Edmonton.

Edmonton is basically the Bloomington, Minnesota of Canada. That is, its biggest tourist attraction is a great big mall.

The West Edmonton Mall has an indoor amusement park (this is the frozen tundra we are talking about) and an indoor beach where pasty white Canadians can frolic in man made surf under the neon mall lights. Don't hate me because of my glamorous travel.

My son is a great procurer of all forms of entertainment geared toward the lowest common denominator, so I suspect my upcoming days involve an indoor beach. And do you know what, I would bet you ANYTHING that he's going to end up loving that indoor beach more than the beach from his recent trip to Costa Rica with his dad. Nine year olds. They're crazy.

Oh but Canada. It's where my mom grew up and this is my mom's side of the family. And the Canadians are so very nice. They've had greeters at the airport saying hello long before Target employed greeters as policy. Canada smells good. And as a citizen, it's still home.

Everyone sing now, "Oh Canada mumble mumble mumble whatever comes next . . ."


  1. An indoor beach???? Can't wait for the photos.

  2. I loved the Edmonton Mall when I went there years ago. Did you ride the roller coaster yet? My favorite part were the stores selling hockey stuff (a rare thing here in San Jose, CA).
    And I do know all the words to the Canadian National Anthem because they play that anthem whenever a Canadian Team makes a visit.