Saturday, July 24, 2010

Weekend Treat Nars Egea Eyeshadow Duo

Because there is, of course, the possibility that I will not get a second interview with Fabulous Law Firm, and because there is the possibility that I will decide to do the franchise rather than law anyway, I am still doing traffic counts for the franchise location.

Last night I just happened to be doing a traffic count next to Sephora. Because I had 30 minutes between traffic counts, I thought I would go in to just, you know, look.

I need new blush, and I need new lip stuff. So I came out with new eyeshadow. I have read in more than a few places that white/light eyeshadow helps you look more awake, and I need all the help I can get. Usually the lighter eyeshadows just get lost on me (because my skin is white/light).

Enter, Nars Egea eye duo. The picture does not do it justice; the colors are slightly darker and brighter. The green is perfect for the day, but also has a little rocker edge to it - and yet still appropriate for the office. The lilac gray is perfect for a light smokey night eye. (It goes on gray.)

$32 at Sephora. Picture (I am being evaluated to join the blogher network, so all my reviews have to be under $40, which is kind of a cool challenge actually.)

Oh, and it appears to have staying power. If you happen to, say, fall asleep wearing it (and I am not saying that you should) it's still there in the a.m.

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