Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Airport Gate - Oklahoma City

I have to tell you, after a day of hanging out in The Franchise's cute little shops and being provided whatever treat I wanted at my slightest whim, and being provided new coffee treats before I had even finished the last, coming back to Cube World sucked. Nobody today has given me any treats or fetched me coffee.

I should have known that my transition back to my real for-now life was going to be rough when I noted that coming back this way I was not going through Austin but Oklahoma City. You know how I like to pass judgement at the people waiting at the airport gates. Let's just say, I am 100% certain I was the only person at the OKC gate wearing Chloe (unless Stella McCartney is now designing active wear for the University of Oklahoma). (Okay, my Chloe top is from ebay, and of dubious authenticity, but still.)

Then, when I was in the Oklahoma City airport, I noticed a lack of recycling bins. No no no, Oklahoma. It's okay. You contribute enough to the rest of the country, that I am sure we can overlook this. I have an idea. Let's make Porto Rico a state, and Oklahoma a territory. That way, the flag stays the same, we gain some culture and some beaches and we lose, well, nothing.

I must admit, even Texas has its faults (Bush) and sometimes Texans drive me crazy too. Someone was telling me that I was going to have a tough go at making The Franchise work given the new health care laws. Yeah. Uh huh. I can see how having a bunch of healthy people walking around is going to be bad for my business.

Anyway, where was I. Oh yeah, does anybody know anybody that might want to a buy a sassy midcentury modern property in Colorado so we can get me back to my happy place of dessert and coffee and we can get this party started?

[No offense intended to Mean Jean from OKC.]


  1. Ha! I'm grateful to have escaped all that. Give Oklahoma back to the Indians. You have to admit that the giant arrows outside the airport are rather cool...

  2. Cube World would be SO much more tolerable with treats and coffee. All I know is that every time I've ever been to Oklahoma, I haven't seen a single cowboy riding through the corn and singing. Rodgers and Hammerstein told me it was awesome, worthy even of an exclamation mark. Yet, not so much. OK fail.

  3. I am going to throw a party when you put your notice in at Cube World.