Monday, May 10, 2010

Life is Bizarre

So, I got a random email yesterday. Apparently, my father smokes pot. HUH. I am verging between finding this hysterical and thinking that I need to ground him.

My father - the one with the plantars wart. The one who was a C level executive at a major company.

[Before you get any ideas, I put myself through law school. And Sallie Mae would like me to remind you that I am still putting myself through law school.]

Where were we. Oh yeah - my father smokes pot. I know that these days it's a franchised business (not the one I am going into, mind you) and legal and all that. But he's a grandfather. And a bagpiper. And thought about going back to university to become a minister. And currently travels the world teaching. And apparently likes the bad-ass weed.

I guess this is not entirely inconsistent with the man I know. But what makes it strange is it does seem inconsistent with the father I knew that was married to my mother. Life is bizarre. Hey, that gives me an idea. Maybe I should start a line of t-shirts that says "Life is Bizarre." With a stick figure. Smoking pot.


  1. Last summer I was sitting around with my mom and her BFF relaxing after preparing a party for the next day, and her friend smoked a cigarette. Next thing I know, they're talking about pot and my mom said that she would probably smoke weed every day if she hadn't worked so hard to get my dad to quit cigarettes. I'm still not sure how that's related, but same feeling of laughing hysterically and wanting to ground her.

  2. At least he's a bitching, pot-smoking dad?

  3. WOW!! A good girlfriend met her boyfriend's parent at the cottage, where the father sat beside her, started to chat, and then rolled the biggest joint she'd ever seen! Life is strange!

  4. Was this the stoned email equivalent of a drunk dial?

  5. What kind of random e-mail includes that kind of newsflash? And why do I not get e-mails like that? :-)