Saturday, May 8, 2010

Weekend Treat Jeggings, Yes Jeggings

This week I attended a blue jeans party. It was hosted by two friends at a jeans store and there was wine and discounts. (Note to self - best marketing plan ever: wine and 10% discount) I mean, 10% isn't really much at all, but after a glass of wine I was convinced that I would never, ever again have the opportunity to take advantage of such a fantastic opportunity on cute jeans. (Clearly I need to rebuild my tolerance.)

The sales person told me that I should try on some jeggings. Ah, do they come with an angry Samantha Ronson and a bad spray tan?

Considering I was at the home of the $200 jean, and the jeggings (jean/leggings) were much less than that, I was willing to try. And they were not too Lohan at all. It turns out, I love them. In fact, they are all I will be wearing this summer. I saw them on a variety of body types that evening and I can tell you that, despite being skin tight, they made everybody look thinner. Hello! I love them so much.

Picture: Urban Outfitters. (The brand I bought, IT Lola Jeggings)

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  1. I keep looking for jeggings but havn't seen any! I am going to be in the city this week so I am going to try the dept stores - I have cute rubber boots so I need jeggins so I can wear them!