Thursday, May 6, 2010

You Can't Touch This

My son will not put up with The Hills. (And, probably, I should not be subjecting him to that crap anyway. Honestly, even I can't stomach this season.) So when he switched channels to Glee, I didn't object.

Insert new Glee rant here:

This week's episode was about rehabilitating bad songs to make them good again, including Ice Ice Baby and Total Eclipse of the Heart. AH, EXCUSE ME. Those are and always have been supremely most excellent songs. If you were not driving around campus in your friend's 5.0 with the top down so your hair could blow WHILE listening to Vanilla Ice then you, my friend, were not doing university properly. (Margaritas may have been involved.)

Also, did you know that Meatloaf wrote Total Eclipse of the Heart. It's so obvious now that you know, right? Only the man who brought you "But there ain't no Coup de Ville hiding at the bottom of a Cracker Jack box" could also bring you "We're living in a powder keg and giving off a spark."

Oh Glee Glee Glee, first Journey now Vanilla Ice and Bonnie Tyler. Some things you just can't touch. (Which reminds me, they also included You Can't Touch This in this last episode. Another classic.) And what's with that dark haired virginal chick. She seems like the type that wants to discuss maxi pads with you.


Thanks for all the book recs! I appreciate very much all the comments and links. You're the best readers in all of blogdom. Next up, Love in the Time of Cholera because of the two opposing comments.


  1. I missed all my shows this week...durn husband hogging the remote! I will need to download them!

    Love in the time of Cholera isn't a fun book...but it is beautifully written...I feel like I am right there when I am reading it.

    Eat Pray Love...I couldn't stand that one! Gawd I hate pathetic people! I cant believe she has published 2 books on her dislike of the word marriage. I am surprised so many people care! On the other hand the descriptions of Italy and India and Bali were just amazing and made me want to eat pasta and channa masala!

  2. I still unapologetically LOVE Glee. I can't freaking help it.

    I think the point of the songs thing though wasn't that they were bad at one point - they were songs that were awesome before they got so overplayed and overwrought and turned into almost parodies. For example, until Old School came out, all I could remember any time I heard Total Eclipse was my HS SADD group using the song as a terrible skit during a school assembly where they did some very clever choreography (yep. you guessed it. they TURNED AROUND when the song told them to.) as part of demonstrating to us all how bad drunk driving was. And this week's Glee made me remember how freaking awesome Total Eclipse was the first time I heard it on the radio, long before SADD ruined it.

    Also? OF COURSE Meatloaf wrote it. I heard he's coming out with a new album. I hope that it is supremely awesome, because how could it possibly not be?

  3. LOL!!! I like Glee but like I said I don't get to watch it much. And you are so right. Ice Ice Baby will always rock!!! I still get all excited when it comes on and will totally bust out the ghetto in me. :) XOXO

  4. I love GLEE! I remember thinking I was so badass when I was 8 and listening to Ice, Ice Baby! Hahahaha