Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Three Random Thoughts

1. I will give credit where credit is due. Although I don't like Glee (or How I Met Your Mother), Neil Patrick Harris doing Dream On is my favorite moment in television history. Ever.

2. They say that it takes the average person at work 20 minutes to regain focus after an interruption. Being far above average, I find that I just stop working for the day.

3. Conversation with my husband last night:

"I would have cleaned for you coming home but instead Catherine and I split a bottle of wine."

"If you ever have the choice between cleaning and having a bottle of wine, you should definitely pick the wine."

Best. Husband. Ever.


  1. That's awesome! My husband would say the same sort of thing. But then it's not like he would clean anything without being told lol!

  2. 1. Why do you keep watching Glee if you don't like it? Dream On was FANTASTIC. And I Dreamed a Dream by Idina and Lea is what Susan Boyle WISHED she could have done.

    2. I support this.

    3. MARVELOUS. You have the best family. And I think that quote should be a magnet or throw pillow or something.

  3. You don't like HIMYM? For real? Oh soul sister... :(

  4. Okay, Glee is growing on me. I could try HIMYM again.

  5. DEFINITELY try HIMYM again. I can't tell you how much I love it.