Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Waste of MAC Lipglass

I have never been one to use my feminine wiles or sexuality to get anything. It actually makes me cringe when I see women doing that.

I went to every interview in an Ann Taylor suit, scarf around the neck, and opaque hose so that the only skin that was showing was my face and hands. I never once put on an outfit in my life thinking that a guy might find it sexy; rather, every outfit in high school and college was designed to inspire jealously in my female friends, because that's what friends are for.


I've been rejected by two banks so far for The Franchise financing. My meeting with a third bank was actually in person, with a guy in the business loan department. So . . . I put on my prettiest flirty dress and did the smokey eye (guys don't know that the smokey eye is inappropriate for the day). I fluffed the hair and touched-up the MAC lipglass before heading in the door.

I approached the teller and asked her where the loan officer was. She pointed to a desk with a guy WHO WAS TWELVE. Okay, maybe - maybe - he was 24. But the point is (1) for all he cared I could have come in using a walker; and (2) A multi-hundred thousand dollar decision is in the hands of some guy who is probably going to go out drinking until 2 tonight and then return home to his futon to play some xbox or laugh at my personal income statement.


  1. You might want to go to the SBA for help on getting financing. Banks are not friendly to new business these days :(

  2. Oh my gosh. This seriously cracked me up. Who let these twelve-year-olds put on suits? And how many people think the same thing when they see me? Ha.