Thursday, September 23, 2010

Credit Where Credit Is Due

My son's iTouch stopped working.

And darkness descended upon the universe.

First there were some sobs. Then he threw himself on the floor and began wailing with all his might and pounding his fists. Why, God? Why?

The only thing to do was to laugh at him. But then I remembered the bike incident. When I was about his age, I had a nasty bike accident. I ended up with large, deep skid marks on my upper thigh. Gravel was embedded within my ripped and bleeding skin. I could not stop crying. My mother took me to the ER, and still I cried. The doctor tried to be soothing. "You're going to be just fine," he said. Through sobs I explained, "Have you seen the hole in my Guess jeans?" All was not going to be fine. These were the super rare striped ones with the zipper on the side.

So I tried to be soothing. I Googled "My iTouch will not charge" and followed all the helpful advice, such as "plug it in." Yet plugging it in did not work. We exhausted all possible combinations of plugs and computers, and the iTouch would not charge.

At 10:00 the next morning I was at the Apple store. When a 9 year old wants to play iPeePee, it's best not to delay. Here are my observations:
(1) Doesn't anybody work anymore? Everybody is just hanging out at the Apple store at 10:00 on a Wednesday.
(2) If you are going to buy someone an iSomething for Christmas, I recommend you do it now.
(3) The staff at the Apple store are so friendly. Also, apparently, there is no employee policy prohibiting nasal jewelry.
(4) Most importantly, they will just replace your nonfunctional iTouch. Just like that. What? Yes. If you bought your iTouch within the past year, they will replace it. Get out! The customer service was outstanding. Good for you Apple. Good. For. You.


  1. I dont get the whole Apple Store thing...I have never felt the need to go there - maybe because there isn't one within 100kms of where I live - so I have no idea what people do there! I have PCs and when I need something done with them I take it to the puter guy who works at his kitchen table while his wife chitchats with me about her boss and his shortcomings (life in a small town, I see him at events, she works for him). It seems a lot of Apple owners are finding themselves with dead computers standing around the Apple Store. We dont get that.

  2. I guess what is important in life changes as we get older (fortunately ha ha). The jeans story was hilarious, though probably not at the time.
    That's great they gave you a new one, I've always heard how their employees are really nice.