Saturday, September 4, 2010

WT Fudge Update

Only two (2) dos people tried the Peanut Butter Velveeta Fudge at book club.

Seriously. How can you not want to try that?

Today I am making Schwetty Balls for a BBQ. We'll see if they go over a bit better. I am making Salted Caramel Schwetty Balls and White Chocolate Schwetty Balls. I will try to resist actually calling them that when I had them over to the host, but knowing me . . .

Later Saturday: Cake balls were a disaster. Allrecipes fail.

Even Later Saturday: Everybody loved the cake balls! Someone at the BBQ told me that cake balls are the new cupcake. (We in Colorado are often late to the fads.) I googled cake ball images and there are so many cute things you can do with them. Yipee for cake balls!


  1. Did you use Bakerella's cake ball instructions?

    I would've thought it was funny but then I adore Alec Baldwin and his Shwetty balls ;o)

  2. Did you like the PB Velveeta Fudge?

    You need a white trash book group. I see it now--Judith Krantz will a recurring author.

  3. I did like the PB Velveeta fudge. It was good. I also just realized that I spelt Velvetta wrong, so I'll have to go back and change that. But what do expect from someone who tends to gravitate toward WT snack items when I actually do cook.