Monday, September 13, 2010

Hottest Blood Draw Ever

In order to get the SBA loan for The Franchise, I had to get life insurance. In order to get life insurance, I had to get a physical. The life insurance company will send somebody right to your house to do the blood draw and get the urine sample.

I was standing on our porch waiting for the blood draw person to arrive (if it's your first time at our house, it's not entirely clear which door to use). While I was waiting, this guy on a motorcycle pulled up. He took off his helmet, ran his fingers through his hair, then asked, "Are you Associate Girl."


"I'm here to do your blood work and get a urine sample."

I usually don't greet people who say that to me with such a big smile.

While he was drawing my blood, I asked him if he was a nurse or a phlebotomists.

"Neither," he said. He paused for effect, then said, "I'm a fireman."

There is a long standing joke in my family about my love for fireman. I do not know where it began (I think it was before Denis Leary, although that helps). Anytime we see one, or even just a truck, my husband asks me if I would like to get out of the car. And here was a real live fireman in my living room!

Then he tells me about how he fights fires and as a side job he does blood draws. And he's really good at it. I am not just saying this, but he gave me the best blood draw I have ever had.

Then he loaded up my blood and pee, got back on his motorcycle and drove off.


  1. That sounds like it made for an enjoyable blood draw...

  2. A fireman who cleans up! Nice one!

    I had a realllly cute one in my house once but none of my friends could get there in time to admire my capture errr I mean visitor lol

  3. Ha ha loaded up your blood and pee. Did it feel like he was taking away a piece of you with him? ;)

  4. Okay, as soon as I reached the driving up on a motorcycle bit I had a sudden flashback to 5th grade when I somehow was allowed to check out Judy Blume's "Wifey" from the elementary school (!!!) library, opened to chapter 1, and began reading.

    If you ever snuck "Wifey" as a kid, you will know exactly what I am referring to.

  5. This makes me a little upset. Why do I always have to go to labs that smell like pee and old people (no offense, old people ... or pee, for that matter) to get a blood draw? How do I sign up for the special hot fireman service? Jea.lous.

    PS Juliet, "Wifey" in ELEMENTARY SCHOOL LIBRARY!?? My head just exploded.