Monday, September 6, 2010

Light and Love, Friggin' Light and Love

My husband and I saw Eat Pray Love yesterday. Just like the book, it was both annoying and inspiring. And while I generally don't like adults who pout, Julia Roberts was a good choice for the part.

My husband, who generally likes chick films, had a hard time coming up with much to say about it.

We were both hoping for more scenery of Italy, India and Indonesia, and were disappointed that so much of it seemed like a set rather than location shots. However, this is why I am glad I saw it . . .

For the past two evenings, shortly before signing off to bed, I have received frustrating emails from a lady who I have tried to befriend. I have been warm and welcoming, and have gone out of my way to make sure she is okay. In return, she has taken advantage of me.

Last night, after opening her email and getting angry, I tried to watch a movie. I tried to start a new book. I finished off my glass of wine. I snipped at my husband. Nothing worked to bring me down. I decided to just focus on sitting and breathing. Then I remembered a scene from the movie, which is also one of my favorite parts of the book. When confronted with thoughts of someone she is not at peace with, the main character decides to send light and love out through the universe to that person whenever she thinks of him.

So that's what I decided to do. I just sat there and used all my energy to send this person light and love. There must be something going on in her life for her to be acting this way. However, because sitting on my couch sending out light and love into the universe seemed a little new agey for me, I had to add the "friggin'" because that's what works for me.

"Here's some friggin' light and love lady. Friggin' light and love to you. Friggin' light and love to you." I had to make it mine, but I did focus on the light and love. And I really did start to feel better.


  1. Hm. She is obviously telling you she doesn't want your help or friendship...time to move on sweetcheeks!

    Hope you are having a great day!

  2. There's almost something going on to make someone act badly.
    Ha ha that's a good way to handle it though, especially with your modifications ;)

  3. Loved the book. Can't see the movie. I refuse to see Julia Roberts guffaw her way through something I enjoyed so much.

    As far as the friend goes, screw her. She's not a friend. You're sweet to send her love and light, though. She probably needs it. The older I get though, the lower my tolerance for friend bullshit, you know? Who needs it?