Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dances with Mousse

My husband got a copy of Dances with Wolves a few weeks ago. Every weekend he comments, "Shall we watch the movie, or would you like to put in Season 3 of Mad Men?"

Apparently there was a question in there somewhere. Anyway, I found this nice true ballet story that I wanted to go see this weekend (Mao's Last Dancer) and all of a sudden he had reached his limit for humoring me. It was time to watch Dances with Wolves. All 4 hours of it. The home DVD is FOUR HOURS.

Earlier that day, I could tell he was getting excited because he started to email me at work about the movie. He asked if I was excited to see the Buffalo. First he contemplated the plural of buffalo. I guess this isn't something they cover in the engineering department at Virginia Tech. It's Buffaloes, of course. Yay SMU!

I wrote him back and told him that I didn't remember the scene where Shoeless Joe Jackson had to pass through buffaloes to get to the corn field. Whereupon he wrote back, "Wrong movie." Then I said I didn't understand how they could keep buffalo on the atolls. And he wrote back, "Wrong movie."

Really? Because I was under the impression that Kevin Costner only ever made one movie, one big long movie.

Considering how much Mad Men that my husband has put up with, I decided to be a good sport about watching Dances with Wolves, and even resolved to stay awake. However, about one-third of the way through, the movie just got ridiculous and I could no longer watch. Stands With A Fist's hair - the hair mousse. I cannot get behind a movie about the Wild West if they expect me to believe that there was an abundance of hair mousse on the plains. That coif, that "hair-style" that Mary McDonnell sported, could only be achieved by a copious supply of mousse. And probably some hot rollers. Those tee-pees didn't even have electricity, and correct me if I am wrong but the cordless rollers didn't come about until much later. Dances with Wolves? Totally unrealistic.


  1. I seriously HATE Dances with Wolves. HATE it. There are only two Costner flicks that don't make me want to rip out my eyeballs and pierce my eardrums- Bull Durham and Field of Dreams. Because those movies rock. All the rest are crap.

  2. Ugh I wont even watch these movies...if hubby wants to then I have lots of other things I can be doing with my time.

  3. Ha ha I make my man watch Mad Men too. I keep telling him it's better than The Hills and The City, which I used to make him sit through. :)