Friday, September 10, 2010


My husband took me to J.Crew tonight in an effort to get me out of my funk. I know. I know! He's that good. When the greeter asked us if she could help, he asked her where the boyfriend cardigans were located. Sadly, there were no nice colors (that I didn't already have) so I ended up in accessories.

There I found a headband to wear to work. Because nothing says I take this job very seriously like a handband covered in black and white polka dot feathers.

Next we went to dinner. We are lucky enough to live in the town where Keegan Gerhard has his restaurant. Yes, that guy! The former judge of Food Network Challenge - i.e., the guy who knows how to bake stuff. There I had the Pouffle. The POUFFLE! Isn't that brilliant? It's a passion fruit souffle. I could not resist the opportunity to order a pouffle.

Pouffle pouffle pouffle.

You may now take back all of your comments about my having a discernible grip on reality. But I am happy here on the couch, wearing feathers and full of pouffle.


  1. I was definitely pronouncing it poof-ful until you explained the souffle thing. And I think I might still pronounce it that way. Of course, when I pronounce it poof-ful, it appears in my mind not at all like a souffle but instead like one of those toys from the eighties that was a stuffed animal but folded into its pouch to become a pom-pom. I had one and it was awesome. I don't remember the name of it, but I think pouffle is as good as any.

  2. What a good man!
    And the pouffle sounds amazing, I want some now!

  3. Is this the headband?

    Feathers are apparently very "in" this year, though I simply cannot pull them off. Unless the feathers are in scarf form. I can do just about anything if it is in scarf form.

  4. YES! Juliet, that's the headband! it looks very much like something landed on the side of my head when I wear it. And I did wear it to work on Friday.