Thursday, September 16, 2010

Round Up

I realized that there are a bunch of loops that I have never closed here. So here we are . . .

(1) Last Christmas, I blogged about my ex-husband taking his girlfriend of 3 years to Napa and we were all (well, I was and probably she was) thinking that they were going to get engaged. They did not. Her Dances with Wolves name is Large Angry Woman.

(2) The Decision on Margaritas? Deciding to go to law school. That's right. It was after a pitcher of margaritas that I decided I wanted to be a lawyer. (a) Note the impressive follow through! I may be inactive, but I am still a lawyer. (b) I miss Texas. Margaritas should be served in pitchers.

(3) My Dances with Wolves name is Sits In Cubicle. Still. The earliest The Franchise will be open is Spring of next year. We thought we had a primo space in a primo location, but all of a sudden we can't get the landlord's broker to return a call. Please send good space karma.

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