Friday, September 24, 2010

Reese Witherspoon Owes Me

Let's not debate here about whether Wild Horses by the Rolling Stones is a good song. Let's just agree that it is by the Rolling Stones and, therefore, deserves a certain amount of respect. One might be inclined to turn it up if one was listening to the radio and driving around and feeling particularly mellow. It's a fine song for that.

Recently, I caught Fear on cable. It has been several years since I first saw it, and I remember lusting after the real estate in the movie. I decided to watch it again. Fear is a suspense/thriller with a young Reese Witherspoon and Marky Mark. Marky Mark ends up stalking her, but prior to Reese realizing that he is a bad seed, they go to a fair at night and ride a roller coaster. On said roller coaster, Mr. Mark gets to third base with Reese and she has a Meg Ryan deli moment.

All the while, through the whole scene, Wild Horses is playing. This afternoon, when Wild Horses came on the radio at my desk, all I could picture was Ms. Witherspoon having a moment. She owes me big time for that. That is not okay. She also owes my $9 for Four Christmases.


  1. Awww but wasnt Vince Vaughn just adorable in that movie! He reminded me of my husband a lot!

  2. At least it was a cover of Wild Horses. Also, if you watch Always Sunny, they mocked Fear in last week's episode. So, while watching fear, you can think of It's Always Sunny as kind of a revenge on Reese Witherspoon for ruining such a good song.

    I will give Marky Mark props for being able to pull that off on a rollercoaster...