Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My bestie belongs to a book club and she asked me to join. I went to the first meeting about a month ago. These ladies are mostly friends and neighbors of my bestie, but I have met them all before at parties at her house.

The book club was strange. I was well aware that there would be no discussion regarding the book. That part was not strange. What was strange was that, for a book club that self professes to avoid discussions of all things literary, there were only two bottles of wine. That would take care of me and my bestie, but what would the other ladies be drinking?

Also, the hostess never turned on the lights. Once it got so dark inside that we couldn't see each other, we moved outside, but she didn't turn on the porch lights either. Problems paying bills? Going green? I do not know.

A few days later, my besties told me that she was sorry that the ladies weren't nicer to me. I get nervous in those developments where all of the houses are the same model, but I was chatty and friendly and I even made them fudge, so I don't know what I could have done differently. I did notice they were all a bit strange, but you can trust me here when I tell you that it was them, not me.

It was my besties turn to host next, but because she is going to be out of town, we all agreed that I would host. Because that date also fell on a birthday of one of the girls, I planned to get a chocolate cake from Keegan, often discussed here. Keegan - the former host of Food Network Challenge that makes the best chocolate cakes ever. His chocolate cake ranks right up there as one of my top three favorite things to eat of all time. Above coffee. Margaritas are still number one. I just realized that two of my top three favorite foods are drinks.

Anyway, I predicted to my husband that everyone would decline the RSVP to book club this month. And indeed they have.

Herein I use my least favorite word after panties - whatever. This Friday my husband and I shall go to Keegan's restaurant and have chocolate cake and champagne and toast to the fact that I am not hanging out with the electricity fearing and wine hoarding Stepford Wives of Colorado. I feel like I just narrowly escaped something.


  1. Escape is sometimes good. Like in this case. What bitches!

  2. what a bunch of assholes. Hopefully your bestie thinks poorly of them now. Who acts like that?
    Enjoy your chocolate cake and champagne. Sounds divine.
    Have you been to D bar on 17th? Their chocolate cake is scrumptious.

  3. Wow, what weirdos.

    I'd take a cake and champagne book club any freaking day of the week.

  4. What a strange situation. I would say it's time to drop that crazy group and start your own book club with lots of wine and lights. :) XOXO