Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Gold Shoes Are A Slippery Slope

My mother had a thing for gold shoes. It was so very Dallas and motherly of her. I swore that I would never EVER wear gold shoes.

So, here's a few thoughts while I am wearing my gold shoes . . .

You are on notice here that I sometimes do things that I swear I will never do. Accordingly, please stage an intervention if you ever see me resort to the following:

1. Going to a place of work other than a home office in drawstring pants with a shirt tucked in, thereby accentuating the diameter of my girth;
2. Sporting a muumuu. It is not business attire. Wearing one to work does not make it so; or
3. Trying to be supervisorly while farting and wielding a hand with chipped nail polish.

[My gold shoes, for the record, are very retro and glam. Says me.]


  1. I love my gold shoes! Confession - I bought them in the children's dept of Payless lol! But they were too perfect to leave for some snotty little 10 year old who wouldn't appreciate them like I do.

  2. I, too, adore my gold shoes. I think the key is what the shoes look like (and what you wear them with). Tasteful gold flats? Check. Gold Lilly Pulitzer McKims? Of course. Full-on over the knee gold boots with a tiny mini-skirt? Not so much.

  3. I'm going to need a picture of these gold shoes. Because I can then either confirm or deny their alleged retro glamness.

  4. My best friend has a rule:

    1) Silver shoes - OK in 20s
    2) Gold shoes - OK in 30s
    3) Bronze shoes - OK in 40s.

    Since 40 is the new 30, I am not sure how that skews things.