Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Here We Go

You know, we are thinking that we are still going to go ahead with The Franchise.

Here's why (because I completely understand that, in theory, doing so is bat sh*t crazy).

I have had two things happen to me during my life that left some big scars - I was abused by a man and I lost my job. Not at the same time. Thank God. And, of course, there are others out there going through the same. Right now. They need a break. They need a job so they can escape or they need a job so they can feed themselves and their kids and build their resume.

I can create such a job for someone. One. I can create one managerial job at The Franchise at a salary that will allow someone to evolve into a better place in their life. I wish I could hire 20 or so people at once. But I shall do so one person at a time so long as we can make it work.

Oh, and The Franchise sells the best product ever. We never set out to find a franchise to run. We set out to bring the product to this city, and it just so happens that The Franchise allows us to do so in a way that makes sense and has the product we are looking for.

Yep. We're bat sh*t crazy. Yet here we go.


  1. Yeah but that ONE person will not think you are crazy :)

  2. I love it! Your life is about to get crazy and wonderful, all at the same time. And you'll have the franchise's awesome product on hand to celebrate with!

  3. (Long time reader, first time poster): Great sentiment, but the lawyer in you would tell a client: Do this ONLY if you are completely comfortable with loosing your investment. Most of these types of businesses depend on insane hours from the principles to get started, and even then the failure rate is alarmingly high. Just suggesting, try to give it some dispasionate thought.