Tuesday, February 22, 2011

We can't get no satisfaction, except in Charleston

Marry Me is on Vh1 right now. I have always had a soft spot for Train and the band members therein (despite the recent man-liner look and their appearance on The Bachelor). Any band that can work the words "soy latte" and "fried chicken" into a song are winners in my book.

Speaking of calorie bombs . . . if I am going to have one, I am going to go for the gold. I don't eat a lot of crap but when I do, I reserve it for the craptastic. For example, cupcakes from Cupcakes in Charleston. Perhaps that is the problem - that I started with the best and nothing can ever ever compare. But we try.

And we get disappointed. But every new store we see springing up gives us high hopes that this will be the one that has brought a decent cupcake to our fair city. So, yesterday, when I was not working as those of us in our last week on the job tend to do, I went to the new store. So much promise. I got myself a chocolate salted caramel because I am a fan of the salt and sugar in the same bite, and I got my husband double chocolate.

Our night - the last episode of Season 3 of Weeds and our new cupcakes. (We're so cool. Like Spencer and Heidi, we should write a book on how to be us.) We're ready - fork poised, Little Boxes playing and we take a bite. And damn if our little cakes didn't just crumble away as if they had traveled here through the dessert on foot. Now, the point of a cupcake, in my opinion, is the frosting. But you need some cake or else you might as well just get a tub of frosting and once you have gone there you are walking a fine line between being okay and wearing crocs while believing that you can achieve the natural look without makeup.
Back to lifting photography until the camera is fixed. That pic of train I lifted from eco-beautifulweddings.com. I have never been to that web page, but it sounds cool.


  1. Even my favorite cupcake place can't get it right in every cupcake. For every molasses cookie or gingerbread or red velvet, there is a mouth-parchingly dry vanilla or - worse!- dried out chocolate cake. I don't understand.

  2. Dude, bad cupcakes are the worst. There is a bakery here that makes one with peanut butter cake, filled with nutella, topped with chocolate ganache and peanut butter shavings. IT IS AMAZING.

    I just started Season 4 of Weeds. It gets a little weird, right?