Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Magical Headband

I'm a headband person.

I do understand that they are, potentially, ridiculous on anyone over the age of 5. However, growing up on stage, I cannot resist the urge to add feathers, beads or flowers to my head.

Also, I am sort of short. I like to add a headband and tease up the part behind it, thereby gaining a full quarter of an inch. So, it's kind of a Snooki look if Snooki were, say, a tax attorney of Scottish heritage. But, honestly, mostly I just like the ability to bedazzle my head.

At Ann Taylor, when I was purchasing my "I shouldn't look like I worked at a nonprofit for the past year interview suit," I found a headband. A business headband, some might say. It is wide and black and silky - Hollywood, glamorous. It says, "I am going to close this film script deal on my terms. Now fetch me a martini!" Only, I am not an entertainment lawyer and this is not the 1940's. Yes, I get all that from a headband. I have a good time inside my head.

Anyway, the point of this post is that today I got a really, really bad headache, which is common for me when the temperature swings from -18 to 34. I sat at my desk rubbing my temples and trying to decide if I felt well enough to have a latte and take some aspirin. I wondered if this wasn't the beginning of a migraine. It was that pinching.

So I decided to take off my Hollywood Headband and rub more of my head. As if by magic I was transported back to reality and my headache went away. Damn it. I love that headband. Now I am just a nonproft plebe again.


  1. Oh, I love headbands! My favorite is a superwide silver one made by a local outfit called "Cookie and the Dude." Alas, I have a giant head (as do M and P - I was relieved she was a preemie) and so most of them pinch. :(

  2. I am still around...I check in a few times a week, I just dont often have anything to say.

  3. I really like headbands, but I can't wear them for the headache reason. I think my head is too big. Not just because headbands are always too tight, but also because hats are usually a bit too small. I guess it's just my big huge brain.