Thursday, February 17, 2011

Things from the 80's

I am watching Vh1 right now. Duran Duran disappears for decades and they come back with All You Need is Now? Huh. I am not sure that they were using their time wisely.

But the real reason for this post is this . . .

Remember in the late 80's/early 90's when Coach did leather pouch purses in red, light brown, dark brown and black? Who could have foreseen we would wind up here with iridescent purple Cs and patchwork jean themes? Not I. It has been a long, long time since I have lusted after a Coach purse. Then came this -

Oooooooh! I want to make sweet sweet love to this purse and marry it. I know. I know. Some pythons were harmed in the process. But have you ever met a python? Nasty little fckers. This purse is not really so much the slaughter of an animal for fashion as it is nature put to its best possible use - harnesses the power, if you will.

However. The price. I do not have that much money to spend on a purse. But let's say I did. Let's say I was independently wealthy and $800 was not even going to put a dent in my budget, I still don't think I would. How about you? If you ever found a lust worthy fashion item that was over, say, $500, and it was in your budget, would you spend $500 on fashion?


  1. I totally would. If I lose 15 pounds, I'm going to buy very expensive jeans ($200) because I love them so much.

  2. One of my greatest heartbreaks stems from a Coach purse.

    Upon graduating from law school, two wonderful friends bought me a gorgeous Coach filofax. It is the most beautiful camel-colored leather you've ever seen; smooth as silk. With the classic brass turn clasp. And my God, the smell. It smells better than warm brownies.

    It was love at first sight.

    I immediately went to the Coach website and stumbled upon the matching purse. It was perfect in every way. It was also $500. I was broke, 5 months from getting a paycheck, and in light of my 6 figures of debt, I was too practical even to plan post-bar travel. But I promised myself that as soon as I started working, my one gift to myself would be that bag.

    The week I got my first paycheck I went back to the Coach site to remind myself of the name of my bag so that I could be sure to zero on it as soon as I got to the store. I nearly cried when I discovered that Coach turns over its entire stock every few months. My bag? Not a trace of it anywhere.

    I feel a hole in my chest to this very day.

  3. My Coach addiction started with a wallet my boyfriend (now my husband of course) gave me. I may wear Payless Shoe Source shoes, but I will spend a few bucks on Coach purses! Alas, everyone and their mothers uncle has cheap Coach purses these days that they buy at the outlet store. Sigh. I do covet Coach purses. And eyewear. Saving up for some Coach reading glasses. But since I don't buy any other name brand fashion stuff, I think my addiction to Coach isn't that bad. Is it? Sigh.