Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Day!

At my current place of non-profit employ, we follow the county school district with regard to snow days. Accordingly, both my son and I have the day off - woot woot!

It's not so much snow - there was a little of that - as it is painfully cold. The windows are glazed over with ice, and I am wearing two sweatshirts. Tip: LuLu Lemmon hoodies are the warmest.

I instructed my son that snow day mean lots of blankets on the couch and reading. I finished The Lacuna last night and it is possibly just the most delicious book that I have ever read. That has spurred a whole interest in Mexican revolutionary art and, also, Frida Kahlo.

I am curled up at home today - revelling. I hope to get caught up with my blog friends today. I have missed you.


  1. Isn't a snow day just the BEST! Enjoy your day today curled up !
    Have a pretty day!

  2. The movie "Frida" is quite good if you haven't seen it already.

  3. ps - A FB friend in your neck of the woods said it was -30 degrees there today?! Ouch!

  4. Juliet - Ouch indeed. I caught about 5 minutes of Frida on IFC the other night before I had to head out. I am going to have to rent it. Right now I am obsessed with 1930's Mexican art.

  5. Second the recommendation to the movie Frida - I thought it was a beautiful movie. I also loved the Lacuna.