Thursday, February 24, 2011

Shoes Glorious Shoes!

As I have mentioned before herein, I am roughly the size of an Olsen twin. I have now watched season three of Weeds and have a correction to make. I am roughly the height of an Olsen twin.

Accordingly, this brings up two important points about my shoes:

1. I went to the hospital to give birth in heels. I do not own flats except for running shoes.
2. My height precludes anything with an ankle or mary jane strap or the currently fashionable bootie type shoe.

Yesterday I got my Talbots catalog in the mail. While I cannot endorse the chambray prairie skirt look, I think these shoes are brilliant:

From the front (view not available on website but in catalog), the straps come up high enough to give a bootie illusion, yet the carefully aligned placement prevents them from segregating the foot into a hoof. Also, for the stripper that shops at Talbots, this sandal can also be had with a lucite heel. The new Talbots indeed!
Speaking of mary jane - I have to go to a drug test today for my new job. I worry. Not about the results but about the stage fright and having had enough drink. I will have consumed a chai and a bottle of water before I get there this morning at 8:30, yet still I worry.


  1. I took hubby to get a drug test on Monday. I was afraid for my life in the waiting room. I think I was the only one not recently released on parole.

  2. Long ago, my husband had to oversee pee tests at a federal agency for new hires. Shy bladder is a real phenomenon! Also, his assistant had a sign made for the cart which said, "Lemonade 5 cents."