Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Exhausted and Scared

In the last three weeks there have been two violent crimes in our neighborhood. In the past, there was a crime right across the street.

It's not fair for me to want a dog. My husband is allergic to dogs. He claims that he is even allergic to the hypoallergenic ones.

But it's also not fair for him to state no dogs, and then to travel all the time.

We have an alarm, but God forbid it ever goes off, I'll just know someone is in my house. So I lay there until late into the night debating the possible danger in every single sound. A squirrel on the roof? Someone going through trash?

I've been pretty patient and supportive about all of this being on my own. But I'm about done. I don't want to put my husband in a position of having to put up with a dog if it makes him sick, but I'm tired of being scared. I love this house like crazy, but maybe we need to move. I need the sleep.


  1. Maybe you need to just borrow a dog while he is gone...and when he comes home if he isnt sneezing then you know he isnt allergic.

  2. Attack cats? Pet raccoons? We too have an alarm and I have a feeling if it ever went off when my husband wasn't there that I would panic!