Monday, April 18, 2011

My Confession

I am sucked dry, raw and in need of a weekend. By myself.

I feel terribly guilty and I am wondering what is wrong with me.

All I did was spend a day with a 10 year old. But at the end there was nothing left of me. Why is it so hard? Why can I not just have a day with him. Why does it have to be an event. It takes lots of effort, plans, stamina. We cannot seem to have just a weekend day.

Other people cannot feel this way, or they would never have more than one. Or maybe that is the trick, to have more than one so they have each other. But seriously. Love - yes. Frustrated to tears - oh yes.

There. That is my confession. I did not have a good day yesterday.


  1. I promise you, other people DO feel that way. There is nothing wrong with you, or with him. And you are awesome for trying and doing it anyway, even though you're sapped at the end and need a break. It is okay.

    Now, go get a pedicure for yourself.

  2. When I am exhausted like that, I tell myself it's because the good ones need more. But Amie is right. Get the pedicure. It helps.

  3. I agree with Amie and EH.
    This parenthood shit is HARD. I feel the way you described at the end of most days.
    I am a huge proponent of time alone to refuel after being sucked dry. My fave is going to a movie. Pure, delicious escapism.

  4. Hope you feel better soon! :-)