Monday, April 11, 2011

Selective Hearing.

Put your clothes in the hamper. Yes you do. It's that basket in your room.
Pick up your toys.
Don't sit with your knee up at the table. Do you see anybody else with their friggin' knees on the table.
Eat nicely please.
Move your shoes, coat and backpack from the middle of the kitchen. The very middle - we could not have found a surveyor to find the exact middle of the damn kitchen so accurately.
Brush AND floss.
The sea monkeys DID NOT splash that water out of their tank.
Gather your school stuff.
Seriously, that's not a finger food.
Pocket frogs is NOT educational and it DOES count as your computer time.

Every damn day. Yet I only had to tell him my iTunes account password once.


  1. Oh, that sounds so familiar! Don't you just love 9/10 year olds?

  2. I say "Please put on your panties" more times in a day than you can imagine. It's nuts.