Monday, April 4, 2011

What is with Blogger Not Making Paragraphs?

On Saturday it was 89 degrees followed by snow on Sunday. I crap you negative. It is a wonder my sinuses don't explode. But you didn't come here for the retrospective weather report. Have you ever known anybody that is about a month away from a need for an intervention? Tough stuff. However, have you ever watched that show about people with their crazy addictions and thought, for example, that you can totally see why somebody would want to sleep with a hair dryer. I get that. Lots of white noise. Toasty warm. Can't go there. Must not try it. Must not try it. Also, speaking of people who might need an intervention, my husband happened to be travelling to the city with the number 1 Franchise in terms of sales. Two out of the other 3 people we spoke with recently told us to run. This guy, this number one sales guy, would surely be all excited and telling us how great it is. I mean, this guy makes bank. He told my husband to run. (I know what you are thinking. You are thinking, didn't you check this all out before you signed on. Yes - but under a different location concept [mall v. free standing]). Then there are the two venture capitalist guys who are now opening their 3rd store. I mean, obviously its working for them. We need a sign. Because, no, 3 out of 4 people telling us to run hasn't been our sign. I mean, franchisees are an odd lot. One complained about having to send money back to the mother ship. Hello. It is a franchise. Others we question their location. At some point, if you decide to go on, you stop talking to these people.


  1. I've been thinking about your franchise situation a lot since you posted. Why do they think you guys should walk away? Is it possible they covet your market?

  2. I'm thinking along similar lines, are they telling you to run because they don't want the competition?