Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mmmm Friday.

One of the things about being an in-house lawyer is that you don't really practice in one area of the law. You do it all. Of course, I have outhouse lawyers at my disposal, but a great many issues require immediate attention. Also, I was hired as a lawyer, not an outhouse lawyer manager. I am expected to practice law. Accordingly, I make up a lot of law. And making up the law is quite tiring so I, for one, am very glad it is Friday. I still have not found Built to Last, but I did find Sting's All This Time which had been missing but which I wanted to find after reading Broken Music, his autobiography. When We Dance is a really beautiful song. You know how when you are in love with someone there just seems to be no words that adequately describe it - well, I was always impressed at how When We Dance seems to nail it on the head. DAMN YOU BLOGGER WHAT IS WITH THE INABILITY TO PUT LINES BETWEEN PARAGRAPHS. Wordpress investigations to begin this weekend.


  1. I think the type of law you deal with MUST be exhausting - there are so many places to go to, so many regulations, so much checking. Hopefully this weekend you'll get to not think about any of it - and will futz around with Wordpress templates (which is often what I do on my weekends). :)


  2. Are you using the online post editor? If so, maybe try windows live writer.

    Blogger works for me! :p

  3. Did you try inserting < br > without spaces?