Tuesday, April 19, 2011

How I Knew He Was the One

Last Saturday I was at the Target picking up some gift tags when I noticed that Target also had really cute wrapping paper. I didn't need any. The gifts were already wrapped. However, I couldn't resist picking up a pink and red roll, all kate spadey and perfect for gifts for my girlie friends, a lime green and white roll, unisex and perfect with a wide array of ribbon, and also a tan, gold, silver and black roll, very art deco-ey. Then I got several rolls of coordinating curling ribbon.

When I got home I put them all out on the bed and called my husband to admire with me. "Look! I bought all this wrapping paper for no good reason!"

Later that afternoon he asked if I wanted him to take the wrapping paper down to the basement. That's when I knew what I had to do. I went to World Market, got a basket, and arranged a wrapping paper bouquet that sits in the corner of our room. Mmmmmm wrapping paper bouquet. If only I hadn't dropped that Canon camera I could show you.

Anyway, on our third date, my husband handed me a gift when he picked me up. It was a wrapped Elvis Costello CD. It was a WRAPPED Elvis Costello CD. He didn't just hand it to me plain. He didn't put it in a gift bag. He wrapped it. He probably thinks it was the fact that he was taking me to Aspen to actually see Elvis Costello that sealed the deal. But I am much more simple than that. He had me at wrapping paper.


  1. Aw, that's sweet.

    Elvis is coming here too! Did you hear him on Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me a few weeks back?

  2. Wrapping paper totally signifies a winner. Love it.