Monday, April 25, 2011

I'm Too Sexy For My Monday

Despite feeling hollow like the bunny yesterday (must be said in your head to the tune of Hungry Like the Wolf), I was having LOTS of interesting things happening on the outside.

First of all, my hairline was literally LITERALLY oozing from the second degree burn on my scalp from the weekend's color processing. (You should see my hair color though - so good!)

Next, my new black cigarette pants were getting stuck on my calves. It wasn't until I walked by a window outside later in the afternoon on a coffee run that I realized I had been walking around all day with my pants stuck half way up my legs.

My v-neck/old thin bra combination was making me look very booby, and not in a good way. My cardigan hung open to the side, only to emphasize that I was cold.

Finally, my statement necklace around which my whole outfit was based was itching my neck like crazy. I couldn't take it off because, when I did, it had left big red welts that weren't unlike the ringworm I got when I adopted that stray cat in university.

Very nice! Very nice!


  1. Yikes! Hope you have a much better evening and Tuesday!

  2. That sounds awful. I have large calves (not that you do) and I often have that same problem with capri pants.

  3. That is what we call a hott mess.