Wednesday, April 27, 2011

It Might Be Time

. . . for some professional dermatological intervention.

Although I don't live in Texas, most of my friends here are from Texas. You can say what you want about them being high maintenance, but they are certainly very friendly and I love them. However, they are high maintenance.

I will not leave the house without makeup or heels (unless I am running, then makeup, no heels), but that's about where it ends. Several of my friends have been getting botox since they were 30. One of my friends, the one I love the best, just recently pointed out to me that she had gotten botox and that I should try it WHILE SHE WAS STARING AT MY FOREHEAD.

Do you know why I have wrinkles on my forehead? Because its very large and I am frequently confused. I've had lines on my forehead forever. And do you know why I have laugh lines? Because I crack myself up and I never have my sunglasses when I need them.

My wrinkles just don't bother me. I put a little lotion on them to keep them from getting, you know, deeper, but I have never thought that I need to do something to erase them. Until today.

Today my paralegal was talking to me about how dry it is here and how it effects her skin. It gives her lines, she says, like mine. Sigh. I'm guessing the great big zit on my forehead isn't fooling anybody that I am a teenager. Skin. It's a stupid organ. I do have parts of my body that I like. I'm not trying to be all negative. My skin has just never been my favorite part.

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  1. Wrinkles build character. I have crows feet and horrible circles under my eyes. I'm giving it another 10 years before I take action.