Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Birth, Death and In Between

Eating out is very important to me, hence a reprieve from White Trash Cooking and the following observations:

1. If Lady Gaga was born that way, why did she change her name and why does she always go out it disguise. Why. I don't get it and if I think to hard on it I get a little agitated.

2. I crap you negative but one of the headlines on today was that Jennifer Anniston's dog had died. I think those people might be right - the end of the world may be imminent.

3. I am tired. When I worked at a law firm, that made perfect sense. I was up at all kinds of wrong hours sneaking in additional billable hours. And do you know what they did despite my diligence and fine hour count - the laid my ass off at the slightest turn of the economy. (See, not still bitter.) Anyway, it was very obvious that it was the law firm that was making me tired because I was so not tired when I was at my next job that involved basically filing crap and taking 2.5 hour lunches and then wandering Target prior to going back into work to shut down my computer. But now that I am practicing law again - tired. Is it the brain workout? Anyway, tomorrow, butter beans.


  1. My favorite thing about Gaga is that when she referred to her (clearly fake) prostheses as her "bones" there were articles and journalists asking her specifically if she had plastic surgery to have new crazy spikey shoulder bones implanted. EVEN THOUGH JUST LOOKING AT THEM YOU COULD SEE THEY WERE NO REALER THAN NICOLE KIDMAN'S NOSE IN THAT ONE MOVIE. Sorry to shout. It was SO dumb though.

  2. I am always happy when the biggest headlines are about frivolous means no soldiers died that day.

  3. I like her music but I find it hard to really like Lady Gaga. Stress makes one tired. Get a massage while having a glass of wine. Daily. May help.