Sunday, May 22, 2011

Creamed English Peas and Everything Must Go

We saw Everything Must Go this weekend. My husband, who prefers a good chick flick with a Hollywood ending, even liked it. Now I must read the Raymond Carver short story upon which it is based - Why Don't You Dance?. I went through a phase where I really liked Carver. But then I decided to give up reading stuff by alcoholic writers. The trick is to do it sober. Give most anybody alchohol, some time and a typewriter . . .

After the movie it was time for White Trash Cooking recipe 4, Creamed English Peas. This required me to make gravy. From scratch. Then I added the cream gravy to some canned peas, as per the instructions. Once again, delightful comfort food. The recipe said to serve with fried chicken. Of course, there is a recipe for fried chicken in the White Trash Cooking cookbook (serveral, actually), but since we are going in order, my husband sourced that at the KFC. Do you know how long it has been since I have had KFC? Years and years. That was perhaps more exciting than the creamed peas. Good ol' fresh or frozen unadorned green peas are just fine with me.


  1. :-\ ... the creamed peas look... interesting! :p

  2. I can eat most canned veggies...except peas. Just can't stand them. I'd rather eat the can.
    And last time I went to KFC was...last Friday. Mom wanted one of their pot pies after eye surgery. It's her fault.