Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Stewed Cabbage

Recipe 2.

I am so over fatback.

Directions: Brown fatback. Brown cabbage in fatback. Boil.

You know in school there was always that one kid whose house smelled like old cooking. That is now my son. I feel like eau d'pig hangs heavy in all the upholstery. And in my hair. And in my clothes.

HOWEVER. They liked it. They both liked it. My son asked for seconds. My husband took seconds. Of cabbage. Perhaps it is because I was the cook, but it all seemed a little fatbacky to me.

To be fair, the recipe did say you could use bacon. But I had the fatback, so I used it. I actually really liked the cabbage after browning but before the boiling, when it was still kind of crispy. Can you eat underdone cabbage? I don't know.

Conclusion: 2 out of 3 thumbs up. My boys are loving me and my son even spontaneously told me today that I am a good cook. It should be noted that later in the evening my husband declared that he didn't think dinner was sitting so well. Nevertheless, I am feeling rather smug about the amount of vegetable consumption in my family since the beginning of this project. Perhaps I have uncovered a universal truth - Males will eat any vegetable provided that it is coated in animal fat.


  1. "You know in school there was always that one kid whose house smelled like old cooking."

    hehe... that's so true!! ;-)

  2. Now you've got me completely curious about fatback. Does it really smell that bad? I'm wondering if it would bring back memories of that old crappy babysitters house I hated and always thought smelled "burnt foodish".