Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Location Location Location

Y'all. We're in possession of a Letter of Intent for The Franchise space. That is, we gave our bid and the landlord redlined it and we are fairly close. And I am trying to get excited. If you go in a mall, they will come. But if you build it free standing, will they come? We have to make a decision here fairly soon.

Part of me feels like we should hold out for a mall space. But even our new good broker is telling us she doesn't know if she can get us in there this year. So holding out may not even be realistic. Why has this space thing been so hard? All I know is that we have to make a decision soon, not just because everyone is waiting on us, but because every night I am tossing and turning and not sleeping and stressing.

1 comment:

  1. I think it depends on what is around the free standing space. Is it in a walking neighborhood where people wander and window shop and spend enough time that they need a yummy pick-me-up?

    If yes, then go for it. You and husband don't want spend your day inside a mall anyway. Its the shopping equivalent of an office cube.