Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I'm your sister, sister.

I hosted a sorority alumni event at my house. Because someone begged me to after the original host cancelled. I cleaned my house (the parts people would see) and bought flowers. If I was the kappaprep, I would have put out jellybeans in my sorority colors and had color coordinating cake balls and printables. That might be my least favorite word after panties and scrapbooking - printables.

And you might be thinking, hey, that is the second time in as many weeks that you have mentioned the kappaprep. What gives? Well, one, I emailed her about a crazy connection that we have that I discovered out of pure randomness. Now, if someone emails you out of the blue and tells you that you have someone in common and that someone is pretty special and is going through some crazy things, wouldn't you email back? And, b, I am secretly fascinated by the extent of themeness of the things she does. And also that she sells her used clothes on her blog.

Anyway, these sorority alumni events always remind me of why I didn't love being in a sorority in university. The younger alumni (is it alumni? Alumnus? Almenie?) still sport 'tudes. Hello! I'm your SISTER. Sister. They come into my house, drink my wine, and talk amongst themselves. As if I am not still cool. Which I am.

But the rest of them are lovely. I don't see myself, you know, attending a national convention or going to the philanthropic events, but the events where there is wine and we exchange presents? Okay. But I really would prefer if we could do these things on Wednesdays because there is no good t.v. on Wednesdays. Whereas Tuesdays there's Chopped.

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