Thursday, May 5, 2011

Eine Kleine Night Reading

Much like J.Lo and Mathew McConaughey, I will go on record as saying that I require 8+ hours of sleep. So it is somewhat ironic that I have been blessed with a child that is an insomniac.

A great majority of the time I am in bed and asleep before my ten year old. I know what you are thinking - FOR SHAME. If he was grumpy or sluggish or otherwise unpleasant, I would say we have a problem. He just doesn't require as much sleep as normal people. This actually runs in my family (except skipped me).

He feels like he has to sneak around if he is reading in bed after his lights out time. And this makes me mad. Not that he is reading in bed, but that he feels like he has to be sneaky. Because I told him, "It's okay to read past lights out if you can't sleep, but don't be sneaky and turn on the damn lights so you don't ruin your eyes."

The other night I woke up and went to check on him. I saw that he quickly moved a big book underneath himself. And I started to get very angry. That is, until I realized he was reading the Dictionary of Modern Legal Usage. How could I be mad? Someone in this family should read it.


  1. I love him. I also want him to marry P - when they're in grad school, the age difference won't matter. :)

  2. My Gram always said something to the fact that if one stayed up late actually reading something good it wasn't a problem (she was a librarian :)