Thursday, May 26, 2011

Therapy Thursday, With Bacon

There have been times throughout the past several years where I have left the therapist's office thinking, "Why am I paying her to have this conversation? Everything here is good."

That thought right there? That thought right there guarantees that something is going to happen that makes me so very very glad for the next Therapy Thursday.

I can't get into it here, as this is not the forum. Things just ebb and flow, and in the ebb cycles you can feel stranded.

In White Trash Cooking news, this week's recipes included Limpin' Suzie (pork product, okra and rice), and Tomatoes and Corn (pork product, tomatoes and corn). Luckily, we are now moving on from the vegetables that begin with pork product. Pork product added little by way of seasoning but lots by way of smell, at least after you've stewed the crap out of it. Crumbled bacon stirred into things (Tomatoes and Corn) -more flavor. Otherwise, the recipes tasted exactly like what they were - okra and rice, and tomatoes and corn. And my boys liked both.

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