Thursday, December 31, 2009

Things We Can Learn from the Bravo Network

Do you know what I am doing today? (Pretend that I am a recent graduate of a large collge and have more money than sense.) I am flying to a college bowl game. College. Bowl. Game. Apparently, this is somehow mediated by the fact that we are using miles to do this and can stay with relatives. This only works because my husband doesn't say anything when I leave the t.v. on an episode of Real Housewives that he knows I've already seen.

The thing is, its seems to me that there are so many bowl games that you have to really super suck to not be in one. I know this because even my little school that never wins games is in a bowl game this year. Peach Bowl, Cotton Bowl, Fed Ex Bowl, Meth Bowl, Dunkin' Donuts Bowl. (I have been preoccupied with meth ever since my trip to Albuquerque earlier this year. Even the gas station pumps have reminders to go easy on the meth. Fascinating.)

My point is this - You don't see the Real Housewives franchise branching out to Fargo or Amarillo. That would cheapen it. So I am just saying that the college football league, or whatever it is called, could take a lesson from the Bravo network and keep it to just a handfull of bowls.

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