Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Orlando on Margaritas

Once upon a time, my friend and I had been drinking margaritas for a while when we got this brilliant idea that we should move to Orlando and work at Disney World. She was going to be Ariel, and I was going to be Belle (After all, Belle is the smart princess. If deciding at 23 that you are going to run off to Disney World to be a princess isn't a sign of brilliance, then I don't know what is).

We thought about just going to Orlando that very night, right from the bar, but then decided we should probably go home and pack and meet up in the morning.

The next morning, not another word was spoken.

A few years later, when we were sitting on my porch drinking margaritas, my friend said, "Do your remember that time you wanted to move to Orlando so you could be Belle?"

Ah, hello? At least Belle is a real person. Do you remember the time you wanted to run off to Orlando to be a MERMAID?

In retrospect, it has come to be that all of the crazy ideas were mine. Indeed, once when we were sitting out on her apartment patio drinking margaritas, I thought it would be hysterical if we switched around everybody's porch furniture and plants. When the apartment dwellers walked out in the morning, they would be so confused. Their exact and entire patio setup would be on someone else's patio. What we didn't know was that, because it had been a particularly dry summer, they had just painted (yes, painted) the grass green, and we had tracked green foot prints everywhere. So then we had to switch everything back before anybody noticed.

Many years later, I am a laid-off lawyer and my friend is a SAHM and we live 300 miles apart. Now I have an eight year old that would totally hold me accountable if I ever so much as mentioned in passing that we should go to Orlando (which in 8 year old language is synonymous with Disney World). I can't imagine how many margaritas it would take at this point in my life to make Orlando sound like a good idea. But I bet I could talk my son into switching everyone's porch furniture one night.

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