Sunday, January 9, 2011

Arctic Cold and Snow

It's a winter wonderland with snow here and, as predicted, I found myself in the house with nothing but nutmeg. Yesterday it was warm - summer warm. Oh I heard the warnings about the ARCTIC COLD AND SNOW coming, but I was all, "I'll grocery shop tomorrow. How cold and snowy could it be given that I am sitting outside at the sbux right now getting a tan."


After my son and I shoveled our way out to the grocery store and got supplies, and also went back to the Target so I could get another shade of orange nail polish (I ended up with a business orange and I was really looking for a beach orange), it was lovely to be back home watching the wonderland from the window.

I would send you a picture but my husband has my camera. He took it to the bowl game of which we shall never speak (VT v. Stanford), and then to his business trip. Anyway, you probably already know what snow looks like. When we first moved here from Texas and it snowed for the first time I took lots of pictures out of pure shock and sent them to my parents. My parents are both from Canada. And they were like, "What? We spent our entire youth in the ARCTIC COLD AND SNOW. We don't need pictures of that crap. Have fun."

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