Sunday, January 2, 2011

Fix Tire, Interview, Samba!

Monday to do:

1. Fix flat tire. (yay)

2. Third phone interview!

3. Samba!

I'm a runner. I think you either are a runner or are not a runner, and I am a runner. I get a little edgy if I go for more than a day without running. Running changes your mood. No matter what you are feeling when you start out, by the time you get home you feel good.

However, I don't run when the temperature drops below 20. My husband, despite his being really sweet, is VERY competitive. He will tell you that I have never run when it has been in the 20's, but that he has and that I have only ever run in as cold as the 30's. That's bullshit. I have so run in the 20's.

Anyway. Two things. First, it was 3 degrees on New Years Eve. Second, although running is great for my psyche, it hasn't been doing much for my fitness lately. It's the same deal as to why there are fat aerobic instructors. At some point, you peak if you keep doing the same thing day after day, and I think you even regress.

So, lately, I have been doing the steps to our basement. For seven songs. This has not been great for the carpet on the stairs, but has been great for my legs. Also, I bought a latin dance video. Girl. Oh my. My abs hurt! But it was so much fun! And I have given up the Christmas crack. Remind me and next December I will post my recipe for Christmas crack (it's a special blend that will ruin your teeth, but doesn't lead to those nasty skin lesions or prostitution).

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