Friday, January 7, 2011

Right Doesn't Feel Odd

Over the past year and - wow - almost three quarters now, I have had several interviews to try to get back into law. Not counting the three interviews these past two weeks, there was something odd about all of them. Sometimes I could put my finger on the oddness - like when I showed up for a second interview at one firm and the guy forgot to tell me that they had already hired someone, so they showed me their new office furniture instead. See, that's when I knew something was odd.

Sometimes it wasn't anything so obvious, but I would leave the interview just knowing I wasn't getting called back. Not that anything went wrong during the interviews. In fact, they generally progressed as normal business interviews. But you just know. I mean, I kind of still hoped I was wrong and would get a call back but my heart just knew otherwise.

However, the most recent of the three interviews have been great. Nothing odd. No sinking feeling. If I don't get call backs, so be it. Let's just say, I do not have any preconceived notion of the outcome of these ones.

It's kind of the same with relationships. I spent way too long in a first marriage feeling that something was off. Now, in my second marriage, there is absolutely nothing that gives me pause. We fight (rarely). We don't always agree on certain major things, but we agree to disagree. There's nothing odd.

In law, when a document or situation seems wrong but we can't find a law to explain it, we say it just doesn't pass the smell test. My dad says, "If you have to ask if it's gold, it ain't gold." (being a gold miner from way back, you know).

This year just feels right. And I have plenty of lovely candles to ward off any strange smells.

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