Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Playing it Close to the Vest

I have been an inconsistent blogger lately (writer and reader) . . .

While life has been busy, that is not the only reason. I think good things are happening and I don't want to jinx them. I am holding possibilities close to the vest, like little treasures that I could drop and lose at any moment.

So on to the busy part:
1. My boss took a sudden leave of absence, so I am actually busy. I suspect lap-band surgery.

2. My 9 year old is going through the terrible twos. What? He NEVER had a "no" phase when he was younger. Apparently he was just saving up. Here we are.

3. A lot has happened in my area of the law in the almost two years I haven't been actively practicing. I have a little reading up to do if I want to make good on the things I have told people I can do.

4. I cannot put down The Lacuna.

Yet still, no new job, no Franchise space.

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