Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Lots going on. We are headed off to our little paradise by the sea. I'm going to be keeping a blog diary, but I am not smart enough to figure out how to send pictures from my smart phone. In other words, the phone is smarter than me. I know this because I already tried to do this and couldn't figure it out, but I will be taking pictures with the elph so you can be sufficiently jealous upon my return.

Also, while there, we will be celebrating momentum. I have not found a job. But things are looking up. I just need to leave it at that. Last year when I was looking for a job I would always keep the coffee cup from my sbux run after my interview. I know, right. Ewww. I would keep it on my desk until I found out about the job. This did not work as any sort of good luck thing and it is also kind of yucky to keep trash on your desk for that long, so I've given that one up.

I didn't have any good luck thing this time. Just a good feeling. And the only sort of ritual I have about the job search this time is that I just don't want to divulge too much - nevertheless, it was important for me to share at least this - I want you to know that things feel like they are getting better. Companies are waking up. They are telling me they are growing again, that sales are back, that hiring is increasing.

Oh, and also, let's not forget we are opening a franchise this year.


  1. I hope you have a wonderful and relaxing vacation! Take lots of pictures, but not too many. I can't handle the jealousy.

  2. Enjoy! Look forward to the pics. Pls don't lose the camera this time.