Friday, January 28, 2011

Purge, Prepare

Still nothing concrete to tell you about the future of my career or The Franchise, yet I purge and prepare.

In purging for the next phase I have been selecting outdated clothes for the Goodwill, throwing out law papers and articles that are no longer relevant, and even tossing a few things that evoke good memories of past events - my mom lives inside of me. Certain things can go. Of course, certain things of hers will always stay.

In preparing for the next phase, I have gone through piles of paper that need attention and, even, started to shop. This is certainly new for me. As much as I talk about shopping, on my current salary from the non-profit, splurges a rare option. But splurge I did for a fantastic up-to-date business elegant outfit from the source - Ann Taylor. And good jeans for when I am in The Franchise.

Then I fret. I don't have a new job. I don't have Franchise space. But then I realize, why should I fret about it. Preparing for it feels good. I feel like I am living. For the first time in a long time, I feel like I am controlling my life circumstances rather than them controlling me.

Happy Friday. I think I will be purging again this weekend. I have a lovely LOVELY new blazer - some of those outdated boxy ones can go! Plus, baby blue linen??? Was I high???


  1. It is so nice to splurge on a few good things right before a new phase - and 2011 will be a good year for you! New jeans are a must.

  2. i love the feeling of organizing new stuff and trashing the old. Its like bringing a breath of fresh air into my life.