Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pure Evolutionary Fabulousness

Today my son has to go to the damn zoo. "Damn zoo" is a direct quote.

This caught me unaware because I do not read the general memos that come from my son's school. At the beginning of the year I sign a contract wherein I agree to send them a large amount of money and they agree to teach my son. Unless they want to tell me how swimmingly my son is doing or, alternatively, how much he is slacking, there is really no other reason I need to hear from them.

So, my unedited reaction to my son's comment was, "Eeeeew."

(1) It's -9 right now and will not get above freezing today. I would actually rather be in my cube than at the zoo with my son.
(2) We are not zoo people.

We like the museum of nature and science. I mean, who doesn't like a life-sized diorama of a bear? We like the aquarium. You can pet the rays and there is a bar right there - really something for everyone at the aquarium.

And our zoo doesn't have flamingos. That I would go to see. How great is it that an entire species evolved to be pink. I'm not a huge fan of the pink but I can totally appreciate any type of animal that evolved to be PINK! (I am also a fan of pigs which, in addition to dogs, my husband is against owning.) Pink animals - there can be no evolutionary rationale for evolving to be pink other than pure evolutionary fabulousness.


  1. So, fun fact: flamingos are only pink because of the pink critters they eat. I think it's some sort of minishellfish or krill or something. And they're pink. So the pink from the food dyes flamingos pink. If flamingos aren't eating them, they aren't pink.

    And? Bonus fun fact: if you keep a goldfish in running water (as opposed to still water) they aren't gold. They turn white.

  2. Who schedules a zoo trip for JANUARY? May I get. Possibly October. But January? (Your son sounds awesome, but maybe you should rethink this private school thing.)

    Hopefully you got to wear your new hoodie, though.