Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tire, Interview, Samba Update Plus Tampon Mystery

1. It only cost me $12 to have my tire patched yesterday. God bless the local small business.

2. The third of my three phone interviews went very well yesterday. Sometimes I forget there are normal people out there conducting business. Also, this company is growing and hiring lots of people. I love to hear stories about businesses growing now.

3. I did not Samba yesterday. I will Samba today. Instead, I spent two (2) hours yesterday searching for OB tampons. There were none at the Safeway, the RiteAid, the Walgreens or the Target. Wha? Everywhere I went there was either an empty space where they used to be or there was no longer a space where they once were. And it was the same thing last month as well. Does the OB company need to tell me something? There is an OB mystery about town.


  1. go to www.mymonthlygift.com
    they have o.b. Tampons for sale!

  2. I'm posting this a little late, but I am fairly certain I read recently that some, if not most, OB tampons are being discontinued.