Thursday, January 27, 2011


Yesterday evening I noticed pain on the temple side of both of my eyebrows. Not headache pain - but surface pain. I brought my hands up to the spots and realized I had two great big bumps.

1. Ingrown eyebrow hairs?
2. Zits worthy of their own social security number?
3. Horn nubs?

I am thinking that it has to be 3, the beginning of horns. For one thing, these bumps are too big to be ingrown hairs or zits, and what's with them being in the exact same spot on either side of my head. It's weird I tell you. Weird. I look like that space alien thing from the new version of Star Trek. Or something. I am not a watcher of the science fiction genre.

Except for Mystery Science Theater 3000 aka MST3K. Listen to me know and hear me later. MST3K plus Burger Street hamburger and fries - there is no better cure for a hangover. Or so I am told.

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